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WHAT IS Eye flU ?

A highly contagious disease, conjunctivitis is the swollenness or inflammation caused in the conjunctiva, a thin membrane which coats the front of the eyes. Also called ‘pink eye’ and ‘eye flu’, it is a condition when a person has sore eyes. Conjunctivitis is infectious and easily be transferable from one person to the other through direct contact. Symptoms for conjunctivitis are inflammation caused on the eyeball and underside of the eyelids. It also causes eye pain, burning, blured vision, feeling of dryness and discharge of a sticky fluid. On a severe stage, it also forms pus over and under the eyelid. The main cause of conjunctivitis is unhealthy and unhygienic state of living but since it is transferable, it may also be caused because of someone in the vicinity has it.

Some facts about eye flu

  • The disease is caused by virus infection like adenovirus, herpes, simples virus, myxovirus and pox virus.
  • The disease is highly infectious, so if somebody around you is infected there is high risk of you getting infected. So take proper care in order to avoid the infection.
  • There is a myth that the disease spreads just by looking into the eyes of an infected person. But this is not true.
  • If somebody touch the infected eyes the fingers gets infected and if these fingers comes in contact of other person’s eyes he may get infected.
  • One may also get infected from swimming pool also.


Different symptoms of eye flu can manifest depending on what caused the inflammation. These include:

  • Redness of the white of the eye and inner eyelid
  • Increased tears
  • Itchiness in eyes
  • Blurred vision or burning eyes
  • Thick, yellow discharge that forms over the eyelashes
  • Sensitivity to light

Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious but not dangerous. However, in newborns, eye flu should be promptly shown to a doctor since it can damage vision.


Eye flu can occur due to more than one reason. These include:

  • Viruses (Infective conjunctivitis)
  • Bacteria like Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea (Infective conjunctivitis)
  • Irritant substances like dirt, shampoo, swimming pool chlorine, smoke (Irritant conjunctivitis)
  • Allergens like pollen, dust, contact lenses (Allergic conjunctivitis)

When to see a doctor

Contact an eye specialist promptly if you notice:

      • Many more eye flu than usual
      • A sudden onset of new flu
      • Flashes of light
      • Darkness on the sides of your vision (peripheral vision loss)

These painless symptoms could be caused by a retinal tear, with or without a retinal detachment — a sight-threatening condition that requires immediate attention.

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